Media Buying

Media buying can be a complex, time-consuming, and tricky step in the marketing cycle. Thanks to our more than two decades in the marketing communications business, Bentley-Hall has the knowledge, experience, and patience to disseminate your message in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Media buying starts with identifying and segmenting your market and audiences. We then use our industry knowledge and powerful media databases to find the media channels and media mix that can multiply the power of your campaigns. We’ll customize a plan that best fits the message you are sending to your target audience. In today’s complex marketing scene, the right mix might include traditional media (magazine, newspapers, and TV/radio) and digital channels (web advertising, social media, or search engine marketing).

Bentley-Hall has expertise in both. We see the job through—negotiating the best prices with media outlets, accurately timing the flight of messages, and measuring, organizing, and reporting results. Ultimately, Bentley-Hall ensures that media buying is headache-free for our clients.


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